Tuck box

Impressions Foil Blue Back Full Brick (12 decks)

Product code: PC150301-fullbrick02


  • Full brick box with 12 decks of Impressions Foil Blue Back playing cards (2.5" x 3.5")
  • Brick Box size: 135mm x 68mm x 92mm, 5.4" x 2.65" x 3.6"
  • M30 Linen paper card stock
  • Linen finish with air pockets and contains a black core centre layer
  • Foil stamped layer and raised high gloss UV printing on card back
  • 55 cards (52 cards plus 2 jokers plus an MPC card)
  • MPC tree back with white border
  • Special varnish for playability
  • High gloss printing on metallic foiled tuck box
  • Box cellowrapped
  • Buy 1 box for $139.50. Contact us for bulk purchase


The MPC Impressions Foil Blue Back Playing Cards is a high gloss embossed metallic foil stamped back playing cards using ground breaking metallic manufacturing printing technology, which are absolutely stunning and adds a unique "touch and feel" experience to your game. Our super shiny foil back playing cards is the first of its kind in the playing cards industry as not only does it have a vert attractive shine on the card back, they can very much be played with as a normal CMYK printed deck. First made available on Kickstarter. See the project here.

Buy 1 box for $139.50. Contact us for bulk purchase.

Customization Needs?

If you would like to customize your own deck of cards, contact us with your requirements or checkout our website here.

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