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Experience the all new touch and feel Impressions playing cards range pioneered by MPC® using high gloss technology.
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High gloss embossed metallic foil stamped back playing cards using ground breaking metallic manufacturing & printing technology.
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High gloss embossed playing cards using ground breaking print technology. Great for Poker, Cardistry & Magic.

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Experience the touch and feel of the artwork on a deck of cards, produced using state of the art virko raised gloss effect technology.

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Impressions &
Impressions Foil

We have developed 2 very special range of decks under the names Impressions and Impressions Foil. They use the same ground breaking print technology with the following differences. Impressions applied the high gloss embossing to the card faces and Impressions Foil applies it to the backs as well as a wafer thin layer of foil for that extra shiny metallic glossy look. They are both stunningly beautiful in their own respects.

The Concept

The MPC Impressions Playing Cards is a special deck with high gloss embossed on each card, providing a whole new experience on touching and feeling the artwork, as well as playing this deck. Handles beautifully and can be played as normal like an ordinary printed deck. The Impressions decks are the first of its in the playing cards industry and has never been done before. MPC has pioneered this beautiful concept where players can admire, touch as well as play these cards.

High Gloss Embossing

The Impressions deck is made using a smart arrangement of state of the art printing and production machinery which together, can produce amazing results. We use premium playing cards material, then apply selective UV with pinpoint accuracy to certain areas of the playing cards to produce a sleek raised gloss embossed effect called virko.

This high gloss is very different from traditional spot UV as this revolutionary technology can achieve up to 250 microns (braille effect) in polymer height which is 100 times higher than selective varnish. We can also control the density of polymer applied ranging from 1-100%. The gloss applied is rated at 99 Gloss Units which is the highest there is for printed materials, meaning that the artwork really stands out and looks very impressive.

The Design

The design on the card faces are unique to the MPC brand. Our signature back consists of a symmetrical illustration of a fully grown tree as the focal point since playing cards are essentially paper which originates from trees, hence the inspiration for the design.


The Impressions cards can be completely bended as normal and are absolutely playable as well as can offer an exceptional handling experience for those of us who need it such as magicians and cardistry enthusiasts.

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